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With these charming bohemian-style earrings, you will find a touch of romance. They are handmade in Quebec, they are made with crystals and seed beads. They are 6cm (2-1/4in) long. Stainless steel hooks.

- Aqua

- Mauve

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This very pretty pair of RÊVES DE CRISTAL earrings is entirely handmade in Quebec, it is made of 3mm PureCrystal crystals and small seed beads. They are ideal for any time of the year. The crystals are a beautiful blue color. They are 4.5cm (1.77in) long.

They are really pretty and we get lots of compliments on these earrings.

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PureCrystal CHATONS earrings on 6mm PIN, mounted on a stainless steel rod. They are available in 15 great colors.

- Aquamarine

- Rainbow

- Montana blue

- Sapphire blue

- Majestic Blue

- Crystal AB

- Crystal

- Fuchsia

- Jet

- Golden Shadow

- Pale pink


- Tanzanite

- Turquoise

- Stained glass

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These pretty Tibetan style earrings are made in Quebec, they will add character to all your outfits! Choose from several models. Stainless steel hooks.

- Rings (large)

- Rings (small)

- 3 color rings

- Buddhas

- Padlock

- Cats

- Keys

- Bells

- Sheets

- Lotus flowers

- Red flowers

- Seahorse

- Hands of Fatima pearl blue

- Hands of Fatima yellow pearl

- Hand of Fatima red pearl

- Hand of Fatima

- Birds

- Butterflies

Heart Earrings

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Heart earrings are made of 14mm PureCrystal crystals and mounted on a stainless steel hook. They are perfect in the Bermuda Blue shade.

Complete your set with the matching pendant.

Urban earrings

Price $41.95
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The 20mm rectangular faceted Urban earrings are made of PureCrystal crystals. They are mounted on a pretty bail and stainless steel hooks.
Its jet color, deep black, ideal for brightening up classic outfits.

Complete your set with the matching pendant.
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