Stunning collection of PureCrystal crystal bracelets.

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Elegant reversible bracelet made entirely by hand in Quebec, it can be worn on the black or blue side. Two bracelets in one. An essential!

It consists of silver PureCrystal crystals, black tila and the other side blue as well as crystal-colored miyuki. The stainless steel lobster clasp.

Earrings are included.

Availability: 10 In Stock

The Zig-zag bracelet is entirely handmade in Quebec, it is composed of small 4mm Swarovski crystals as well as beautiful seed beads in metallic silver or white. A toggle clasp. A very nice choice of colors just for you.

- Amethyst

- Blue

- Marine

- Multi colors

- Noir

- Red

- Lime green

Availability: 10 In Stock

Elegant bracelet made entirely by hand in Quebec, light and delicate it is an essential!

It consists of a row of 4mm ruby-colored PureCrystal crystals, pale transparent amethyst-colored tila and crystal-colored miyuki. The clasp with rhinestones is magnetic and a safety chain.

Earrings are included.

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