Tibetan style

Pretty Tibetan style earrings.

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With these charming bohemian-style earrings, you will find a touch of romance. They are handmade in Quebec, they are made with crystals and seed beads. They are 6cm (2-1/4in) long. Stainless steel hooks.

- Aqua

- Mauve

Availability: 10 In Stock

These pretty Tibetan style earrings are made in Quebec, they will add character to all your outfits! Choose from several models. Stainless steel hooks.

- Rings (large)

- Rings (small)

- 3 color rings

- Buddhas

- Padlock

- Cats

- Keys

- Bells

- Sheets

- Lotus flowers

- Red flowers

- Seahorse

- Hands of Fatima pearl blue

- Hands of Fatima yellow pearl

- Hand of Fatima red pearl

- Hand of Fatima

- Birds

- Butterflies

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